De Novo Members

De Novo Members


De Novo membership with the Utah Bankers Association is open to any entity or group that has completed their initial meeting with the State Department of Financial Institutions, or the FDIC, and have been assigned a case manager.  De Novo members are non-voting members, but receive full benefits of membership and access to all UBA resources including members of the UBA team. 

UBA Educational Offerings

UBA De Novo Members are notified of and invited to participate in programs of the UBA Education Division and the Annual UBA Convention. These programs include but are not limited to seminars on a variety of banking topics, telephone seminars, classes, conferences and workshops on banking topics.

Complimentary UBA Compliance Alliance Access

De Novo Members receive complimentary access to all the compliance products and services available through the Compliance Alliance – a cooperative compliance community owned by the UBA and other state banking associations.

De Novo Community Mailings

De Novo Members receive selected informational mailings from the association regarding industry news, legislative updates and banking topics through an electronic community established to serve UBA De Novo members.

Government Relations

De Novo members are eligible to participate on the UBA Legislative Committee for state and federal political issues, participate in grassroots efforts and attend all political receptions.

Membership Fee

The annual fee for De Novo Membership is $2,000. Membership term is for one year and will be billed annually depending on when the first payment is received.


Please contact Becky Wilkes for more information. 
Phone: 801-214-7724

Download De Novo Membership Application Here