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Who We Are

Utah Bankers Association

The Utah Bankers Association is the professional and trade association for Utah's commercial banks, savings banks and industrial loan corporations. Established in 1908, the UBA serves, represents and advocates the interests of its members, enhancing their ability to be preeminent providers of financial services.

Through UBA, hundreds of Utah Bankers volunteer each year to serve on UBA boards, committees, task forces, AIB committees and take part in combating fiscal illiteracy by educating Utah's consumers.

Mission Statement

The Utah Bankers Association is a financial services trade association comprised of Regional, Community, and Industrial Banks. The Association’s mission is to:

  • Promote a favorable image and understanding of the banking industry to the general public and maintain the public confidence in the strength and security of Utah’s financial service industry.

  • Protect the industry against legislation or regulation which could result in undue or burdensome oversight or competitive disadvantage.

  • Provide (i) membership with assistance and resources designed to improve operational efficiency and profitability and (ii) a forum for open communication between providers of financial services in Utah.

President's Message

Howard Headlee

The Bottom Line
Howard Headlee, President, Utah Bankers Association

"Why are bank regulators destroying the Community Reinvestment Act? The unintended consequences remind me of one of my favorite quotes from Star Wars, in which my teenage crush, Princess Leia, schools Grand Moff Tarkin: 'The more you tighten your grip…the more star systems will slip through your fingers.'

Speaking of 1977, CRA was adopted that same year on the slimmest of margins. The law was repeatedly scaled back in order to win passage. In the end, it was written as a directive to regulators to 'encourage' financial institutions 'to help meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered.' In large part, the law has been very effective in encouraging banks across the country to engage in community good. From most outward measures, the implementation of the law has been a success!"