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Information Security Certifications

The SBS Institute is uniquely designed to serve the banking industry by providing cyber education to better prepare students and their financial institution for cybersecurity threats and regulations. These banking specific, role-based certifications allow students to master the concepts and technologies required to perform essential cybersecurity functions. The SBS Institute certifications include real-world cybersecurity issues and establish solutions that make cybersecurity responsibilities more efficient and effective.

The SBS Institute certification program is designed around three learning paths: Executive, Manager, and Technical. Each path contains a list of applicable job titles, making it clear which courses are for you based on your job. Each learning path also includes one core certification and a variety of specialized certifications. A core certification is not a pre-requisite of a specialized certification, but is rather a natural starting point within the learning path. For additional information, email Beth Parker or call (801) 214-7720.

Recent and Upcoming Sessions

  • The OCC, Board, and FDIC are issuing a final rule that requires a banking organization to notify its primary federal regulator of any “computer-security incident” that rises to the level of a “notification incident,” as soon as possible and no later than 36 hours after the banking organization determines that a notification incident has occurred.
  • 'Tis the season for your holiday shopping and visiting your favorite stores. Unfortunately, it's also the season for phishing, scams, and other Grinch-like activity. Andy, an SBS Inside Account Executive, recently spent some time gathering shopping tips from our team to help spread holiday cheer and prevent cybersecurity fears.
  • Join SBS as we invite Cynthia Hetherington to stop by and discuss OSINT and cyber investigations.
  • Join us for this engaging webinar with a presenter that has a reputation for sparking attention and motivation. Honey Shelton CEO of SBS CyberSecurity will offer strategies on how to evaluate your present day personal brand plus how to develop the one you want to have. Become determined and intentional about building your own brand! This real-world webinar will explore brand building, brand disruptors, and interference with getting the brand you want.
  • SBS CyberSecurity (or SBS) was honored to once again sponsor travel for CybHER students from Dakota State University to attend the sold-out Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) conference.

Certification Program Includes

  • Electronic kickoff packet (1 week prior to start date)
  • 14 hours of learning, including lectures and lab/assignments
  • An examination following the completion of course work
  • Access to the program for a 10-week period from the start date
Student requirements:
  • Participation in all modules
  • Completion lab exercises
  • Pass the examination

Certification Maintenance Requirements

Certified professionals must:
  • Pay an annual membership fee
  • Complete four hours of qualifying continuing education through the SBS Institute or NHBA webinars and events