Political Action Committees


There are three sources of funds for our State PAC:

  • Corporate contributions from state chartered banks or non-bank affiliates of nationally chartered banks;
  • Contributions from other PACs;
  • Personal contributions from non-executive employees of member banks.

Individual Contributions

Participation in the UBA State PAC is not limited to bank executives. All employees who recognize the importance of the legislative process in maintaining a competitive and fairly regulated banking industry are encouraged to participate with personal contributions.

There are several ways for employees to participate:

  • One-Time Donation – Please make your check payable to the UBA State PAC.

  • Payroll Deduction – Several banks have had phenomenal success with employee payroll deduction programs for both State and Federal PAC contributions. This is a great way to encourage hourly and management employee participation in the political process and generate PAC dollars. All member banks are encouraged to establish payroll deduction programs for PAC contributions. Funds from employee payroll deduction programs are deposited into either the State PAC or the Federal PAC depending upon eligibility.

Corporate Contributions

  • State Chartered Institutions – State Chartered Institutions may make corporate contributions directly into the UBA State PAC.

  • Federally Chartered Institutions – Federally chartered institutions and their bank holding companies are legally prohibited from making direct corporate contributions into the UBA State PAC. Federally chartered institutions with in-house PACs may make PAC to PAC contributions to the UBA State PAC. Contributions may also be made by non-bank affiliates such as insurance companies, or through direct employee contributions or payroll deduction programs.

  • Reporting Requirements – Contributions to the UBA State PAC may be subject to state reporting requirements.